2012 EMBS Fellows

IEEE EMBS Fellows Elevated January 1, 2012

Gerard Coté
Texas A&M University

for development of innovative optical sensors for in vitro and in vivo medical diagnosis and monitoring

Paul Dan Cristea
University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (UPB)

for contributions to modernizing and internationalizing engineering education

Ruediger Dillman
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

for contributions to robot programming and human-centered technologies

Gerard Dreyfus

for contributions to machine learning and its applications

Emad Ebbini
University of Minnesota

for contributions to ultrasound temperature imaging and dual-mode ultrasound

Gary Fogel
Natural Selection, Inc.

for contributions to computational intelligence and its application to biology, chemistry, and medicine

Monique Frize
Carleton University and University of Ottawa

for contributions to clinical engineering and engineering education

Masakatsu Fujie
Waseda University

for contributions to medical robotics

Rafik Goubran
Carleton University

for contributions to voice quality measurement and its applications to audio improvement

Robert Howe
Harvard University

for contributions to haptic interfaces and robotic manipulation

Mark Humayun
University of Southern California

for contributions to development of an artificial retina

Michael Insana
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

for contributions to ultrasound imaging methods, particularly elastography

Jorgen Jensen
Technical University of Denmark

for contributions to medical ultrasound imaging systems

Nasser Kehtarnavaz
University of Texas at Dallas

for contributions to real-time biomedical image processing

Michael C.K. Khoo
University of Southern California

for contributions to cardiorespiratory control in sleep disorders

Mark Kroll
Mark Kroll & Associates

for contributions to implantable and external defibrillator technology

Hugh McDermott
University of Melbourne

for contributions to improved sound-processing techniques for cochlear implants and hearing aids

Jean-Christophe Olivio-Marin
Institut Pasteur

for contributions to image analysis and its applications in biological imaging

Konstantinos Plataniotis
University of Toronto

for contributions to the theory and application of statistical adaptive learning

Jagath Rajapakse
Nanyang Technological University

for contributions to computational techniques for magnetic resonance imaging

Paul Sajda
Columbia University

for development of brain-machine interfaces for image and media search

Jian Xin Xu
National University of Singapore

for contributions to motion control systems


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