Your IEEE EMBS membership offers services and benefits that include:

  • Beginning with the IEEE 2012 Member Renewal process, EMBS will be including digital access for all members to the EMBS Electronic Resource (ER), which includes all sponsored EMBS publications and conference proceedings
  • Monthly subscriptions to IEEE PULSE, IEEE Spectrum and The Institute
  • Access to local section and technical chapter meetings
  • Access to EMBS Mentor Connection
  • Invitations to attend and participate in numerous technical conferences at significantly reduced rates
  • Monthly E-News
  • Access to career development resources (JobTarget)
  • Member subscription discounts to EMBS publications
  • Career recognition through EMBS Awards, Distinguished Lecturers and IEEE Fellow distinctions
  • IEEE-negotiated product discounts and service programs


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Looking for increased exposure in the field of biomedical engineering? EMBS offers journals, conferences and a community for biomedical engineers. Membership includes PULSE Magazine.