2011 EMBS Fellows

IEEE EMBS Fellows Elevated as of January 2011

Stephen Boppart
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

for contributions to optical biomedical imaging

Gert Cauwenberghs
University of California San Diego

for contributions to integrated biomedical instrumentation

Emad Ebbini
University of Minnesota

for contributions to ultrasound temperature imaging and dual-mode ultrasound

John Fitzpatrick
Vanderbilt University

for contributions to medical image registration and surgical navigation

Voicu Groza
University of Ottawa

for contributions to floating-point analog-to-digital conversion

Craig Hartley
Baylor College of Medicine

for contributions to  high frequency ultrasonic medical instrumentation

Paul Kinahan
University of Washington Medical Center

for contributions to positron emission tomography

Niels Kuster
IT’IS Foundation

for contributions to the area of near-field exposures and dosimetry for radiofrequency fields in biomedical research

Patrick Loughlin
University of Pittsburgh

for contributions to time-frequency analysis and nonstationary signal processing

Nigel Lovell
University of New South Wales

for contributions to medical device technologies including telehealth systems and visual prostheses

John Moreland
National Institute of Standards and Tech
Electromagnetic Division

for contributions to magnetic applications of scanning probe microscopy and microsystem technologies

Larry Nagahara
National Cancer Institute
Office of Physical Sciences – Oncology

for leadership in nanotechnology devices and measurement applications

Yoshihiko Nakamura
The University of Tokyo

for contributions to robotics

Allison Okamura
Johns Hopkins University

for contributions to the design and control of haptic systems and medical robotics

Dorin Panescu
NewCardio, Inc.

for contributions to medical devices for cardiac applications

Robert Puers
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

for contributions to implantable microelectromechanical systems

Thomas Ryan
Freefall Consulting

for applications of electromagnetic and acoustic systems and techniques for thermal therapy

Guang-Zhong Yang
Imperial College London

for contributions to medical imaging and robotic surgery

Fan-Gang Zeng
University of California Irvine

for contributions to auditory prostheses

Gengsheng Zeng
University of Utah

for contributions to instrumentation and image reconstruction algorithms in single photon emission computed tomography


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