2014 EMBS Fellows

IEEE EMBS Fellows elevated 1 January 2014

Martin Buss
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

for contributions to haptic telepresence systems and autonomous robots

Branko Celler
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisations (CSIRO)

for contributions to telehealth services for the management of chronic disease

Christos Davatzikos
University of Pennsylvania

for contributions to automatic analysis and interpretation of biomedical multi-dimensional data

Alejandro Frangi Caregnato
University of Sheffield

for contributions to medical image analysis and image-based computational physiology

Christopher Johnson
University of Utah

for leadership in scientific computing and scientific visualization

William Karl
Boston University

for contributions to statistical signal processing and image reconstruction

Hermano Krebs 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

for contributions to rehabilitation robotics and the understanding of neuro-rehabilitation

Jinyi Qi
University of California, Davis

for contributions to statistical image reconstruction for emission-computed tomography

Norma Riley
Northrop Grumman Corporation

for contributions to ultra-wideband phased array technologies

Cheryl Schrader
Missouri University of Science and Technology

for leadership and contributions in engineering education

Yi Wang
Cornell University

for contributions to cardiovascular MRI development and quantitative susceptibility mapping

Ed Wu
University of Hong Kong

for contributions to in vivo magnetic resonance imaging methods


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