Welcome to the New IEEE EMBS Student Member Center

From our new Student Member Center, you can jumpstart your IEEE EMBS membership, get involved with chapters around the corner or around the world, connect with students who share your interests, sign up for summer school sessions, conferences and other events, explore job opportunities, and learn more about the benefits of belonging to IEEE EMBS, the world’s largest international biomedical engineering society.

Looking for information on careers in biomedical engineering? Visit our new EMBS Career Guide for students.

More information is available at the EMBS Student Website.

Students are important to EMBS and our goal is to assist them on their journey to becoming Biomedical Engineers. With their paid IEEE EMBS dues, students receive electronic access to EMBS-sponsored journals through EMBS Electronic Resource (ER).

A Student Member must carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered undergraduate or graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE-designated fields. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student Member grade and/or the Graduate Student Member grade is limited to 8 years.

EMBS sponsors many events at its conferences for students such as:

  • Lunch with Leaders
  • Special Student Sessions at Conferences (interviewing techniques, how to successfully write scientific articles, etc)
  • Student Paper Competitions
  • Summer Schools
  • Matching activity funds for EMBS Branch Chapters and EMBS Clubs

EMBS has a dedicated website to Student Activities, please click on this link to visit the Student website.

New Announcement:

  1. EMBS AdCom approves complimentary access to EMBS ER (publications and conference proceedings) to all members for the 2012 IEEE Membership Renewal
  • EMBS Branch Chapters
    • A student branch chapter is an organization of 6 or more IEEE EMBS Students who petition IEEE to create a local IEEE EMBS organization for the benefit of its student members. Branch Chapters are typically created in coordination with EE/ECE studies.
  • Clubs
    • A EMBS Club is a group of BME students who wish to create a local EMBS organization for the benefit of its student members in coordination with BME studies.

Top 10 Reasons to Join IEEE EMBS

  1. Be Part of the World’s Largest Professional Organization for Biomedical Engineers
    Being a part of a professional organization has many rewards. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date on changes in biomedical engineering. In fact, you can count on us to keep you covered with EMBS publications that provide in-depth reporting on the latest advances and challenges that are making news in this dynamic field.We’ll also help you connect with people who share your interests — by hosting conferences and summer school sessions attended by students and world-renowned researchers alike. Additionally, EMBS chapters worldwide often host local activities, providing yet another valuable networking resource you won’t find anywhere else! Your IEEE EMBS membership also provides a valuable link to biomedical job opportunities available exclusively to IEEE EMBS members. To find out more, visit the IEEE EMBS Student Jobs Site to look for internships, search job postings and more!
  2. Student Clubs and Chapters
    You can start an EMBS club at your school with only one EMBS member! Your club will receive many resources on biomedical engineering, and also will be eligible to receive EMBS funding to support your events. Please visit Welcome New Clubs and Chapters for more information
  3. IEEE PULSE:  A Magazine of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
    EMBS members receive six digital issues of the IEEE Pulse each year. This award-winning publication covers a range of topics in biomedical engineering, from the History of Biomedical Engineering to more contemporary topics like the New Face of Bioterrorism.
  4. Access to EMBS Publications Online
    EMBS student members receive full online access to EMBS publications through IEEExplore. Publications include IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience and the new IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering.
  5. Student Paper Competition
    Student paper competitions are frequently held as part of EMBS conferences. The competitions give EMBS student members a great opportunity to present their work before an international audience, and also to win awards.
  6. Student Events at Conferences
    EMBS hosts a number of conferences each year, including its annual meeting which covers a broad spectrum of topics, as well as special topic conferences on subjects such as neural engineering and information technology. EMBS student members receive discounted registration, and are invited to attend student events.
  7. EMBS Summer Schools
    EMBS hosts four summer schools, providing a wonderful opportunity to learn about topics in biomedical engineering from world experts. Each summer school lasts for one week, bringing together undergraduate students, postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and attendees from industry and academia.
  8. Support for Student Projects
    Have you thought about starting up a network of biomedical engineering students at nearby universities? Or maybe starting an online journal for students? EMBS student members are eligible to apply for funding to support such projects.
  9. Distinguished Lecturers Program
    Through the Distinguished Lecturers Program, EMB student clubs can invite a world-renowned speaker to give a talk at their own university, with financial support from EMBS. EMBS Distinguished Lecturers are all recognized experts in their fields, and known to be wonderful presenters.
  10. We Are the Future of Biomedical Engineering
    As a student member of the EMBS, your ideas and opinions are important in shaping the society and the future direction of biomedical engineering. The EMBS student representative on the society’s Administrative Committee (AdCom) relies on your feedback to ensure that EMBS continues to meet the needs of its membership.


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Looking for increased exposure in the field of biomedical engineering? EMBS offers journals, conferences and a community for biomedical engineers. Membership includes PULSE Magazine.